Jun 18

Cover Girl

Maybe you can’t judge a book by its cover, but with children’s books at least, it certainly does give an idea of what’s inside. This week I saw a first look at the cover layout for “Addie and Ollie” that was sent over by the friendly self-publishing elves at Lulu.com.

How excited was I to see my characters and Bob Ostrom’s fun illustrations make their cover debut? Well, kids, this is called a rhetorical question, one to which you and I both already know the answer: I was thrilled!

If you’re wondering about the white rectangle on the back, as I was at first, that’s for the ISBN number and bar code allowing the book to be made for sale on Amazon.com and bookstores I can convince to carry it. The magic number was emailed to me last week. ISBN#: 978-1-257-82101-3. It’s my new favorite number.

I couldn’t resist, however, one nostalgic glimpse back. As you can see from this computer-generated cover layout I originally created, Addie and her toy octopus have journeyed a long way since winning the Nature Made Sleep Bedtime Stories contest. I can’t wait to see where the little girl with big dreams will go next.