Feb 16

ONE Neighborhood – ONE School


The desire: That children within one subdivision of homes bound together by geography (no major roads dividing), common recreational and meeting areas, and a Homeowners’ Association be zoned for the same school.

A Musical Plea to Florida’s Seminole County School Leadership and Board

As final plans for rezoning elementary schools here in Seminole County, Florida are being finalized, I wanted to help the hard-working Superintendent, his staff, and our elected school board to remember ONE Neighborhood – ONE School. More than a mantra, it’s a guiding principle, an overwhelmingly uniting one, too. It’s something on which all with whom I’ve spoken and heard speak in the East Zone seem to resoundingly agree.

So I thought, what better way to help us all remember something than to put it to music. Right? Here it is below, what I believe to be the first musical public postcard of its kind to a school board. Sing along with me!


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