Tracey Jane

Early views of illustrations in spring 2011.

Having my first children’s story brought to published, colorful life has been a true adventure. I am deeply grateful to every single person–big and small–who has supported “Addie and Ollie” by buying, and more importantly, by reading and enjoying the book.


Meanwhile, this site is my captain’s logbook, tracking where I’ve been and where I’m going, as–like Addie and her octopus–I sail on through the night into these unknown waters. It chronicles my journeys as a writer, mom, wife, Central Floridian, and humble citizen of planet Earth. At turns I’m a freelance writer, children’s poet, lyricist/songwriter, dancer, gym rat, mama grizzly bear, recycling fanatic, and family maid. You’re welcome to hop aboard and see where the winds blow us next.

Addie and Ollie Available as Paperback or eBook

Whatever your preferred portal, you can find Addie and her purple octopus there, ready to soothe your little big dreamers to sleep.

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