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Oct 27

Now Available! Now What?


I just returned home from dropping my kids off at school to find my eagerly awaited package from Lulu.com. In it was the final proof of Addie and Ollie. I gave it a quick read-through–not wanting to find anything at this point but confident from past over-thought reads that it was good to go.

When the previous proof had come, my husband grabbed it first. As he read carefully, he said “uh oh, why did you spell this wrong?” I immediately countered alarmingly, “What! Let me see!” He had been joking to elicit the exact dramatic reaction. My only change had been to take out a redundant title page and superfluous blank back page, neither which served any purpose as I could tell, hoping to bring down the cost that much more.

This time, everything was fine. (I’m retraining myself to avoid the word “perfect”.) It was good to go. So before I had time to over-think, second-guess or just simply procrastinate, I booted up my Mac and approved the book for distribution.


So what now? This post is at least as much for my own clarity as that of any reader. When in doubt, make a list!

1. Finish this post.

2. Let all my friends and other interested parties know that the book is now available for purchase through Lulu. (Purchases through tomorrow, Friday, October 28 can get 20% off using code: BURIED). There’s this site, my shared 4 Chicks and a Muse blog, Twitter, Facebook–and for my parents who still avoid the previous channels like the plague–email. 😉

3. Look out for the book to be available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in 6 to 8 weeks from now to add sales widget on site.

4. Write the “Mad Libs” style interactive activity for another poem that can be filled in by kids.

5. Get with illustrator Bob Ostrom to post coloring pages from the book for kids.

6. Talk to my daughter’s elementary school and my son’s pre-school about the possibility of a book reading/signing/form purchase with proceeds benefitting their respective schools.

7. Order my own starter copies, while the discount is still going on.

Well, I’m sure there are a million more things I don’t know yet that I should be doing. But this gives me enough to think about for now. If you have an idea, suggestions, advice or proposal of how I might sell more, by all means, please share!

After all, Addie, Ollie and I are only at this point because of all the support (and electronic votes!) of so many amazing people in my life. This has been a group voyage from the start. I can’t wait to see where we sail next!




May 26

Sail Away with Me

Fortunately I spotted this theme less than halfway through surveying the 1,300 or so free ones offered through WordPress. I wasn’t searching for a sailing theme, but as soon as I saw it, I knew it was a fitting metaphor for the various creative courses I’m attempting to navigate. And you might as well know now, I love metaphors.

The two big prizes on my horizon are: Addie and Ollie, my first children’s book due out late summer 2011 and my first novel, an historical fiction saga. I have absolutely no idea when that one will be finished! At any rate, without consciously intending it, both books are united by one theme. You guessed it–sailing. In fact, both of my heroines are drawn to the sea. Maybe this was an inevitable outcome of my growing up in Florida so near the ocean.

Yet besides this literal connection, I think the figurative one is even stronger. What are words, after all, but raw materials assembled as wood into these marvelous vessels we call books? Every author is a shipbuilder, every reader a captain, and the voyage of each is at once unique and interconnected.

Mine starts here. I hope you’ll join me.