Create-Your-Own Story

If you like Addie and Ollie, you’ll love this latest rhymed story. Written just for YOUR big dreamer, it’s inspired by the true natural behaviors of jellyfish and crabs to either hurt or help one another.
Simply fill out this Dream-Lib with your child’s name and that of their favorite toy for a personalized adventure. If your child draws their own pictures for their story, send me back a PDF, so I can share with other readers.
Here’s a sample version to get you started, with the names of my three-year-old son and his favorite toy shark. I’ll soon be posting another version with sample illustrations, which my 10-year-old daughter is working on right now. They’ll be her Christmas present to me, just like this is mine to you.
Peace on earth, goodwill to crabs and jellyfish everywhere.


  1. I like your do it yourself story it is ingenious and very good for young children. What do you think of my children’s picture book series, Sir William Goes Fishing https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/261188

    • Tracey Jane says:

      Very cute, Gillian. I really am “drawn” to the whimsical illustrations. Are they colored pencils? Will be downloading onto my daughter’s Nook to read to my son. Thanks for sharing. 🙂