East Orlando Montessori

The Oak Tree
By Nadia, Grade 3

I am an oak tree
I am very strong and powerful
The wind blows me and
When I become weak
my branch falls
on the ground
I grow again
I had a root under my branch
Not again- the wind.
It starts to blow very hard and
Into the root and I
am laying down on the ground.


Always Friends
Written by: Alexandra, Grade 2
Written to: my best friend, Nathalia

Whenever I feel sad, she is always right next to me,
Whenever I get hurt, she helps me
When I start a new school, she helps me make friends
And we both feel like sisters.

The Poet Tree
By William, Grade 3

The Tree of Poets is quite amazing.
The Tree of Poets is like a dream in your mind, you see.
You are the one who can make the dream come true.
Only you can.

Te Quiero Mucho Abuela!
By Nathalia, Grade 3

Abuela, yo quiero decirte que te quiero mucho y que estoy cuidando tu almacen. Estan llegando muchas personas cada vez que voy, sabes, me siento en tu escritorio y pienso en ti. Quiero decirte tambien que mi papa, Mariana, y mi mama desean que tu recuerdes que te quieren mucho. Este verano voy a ir a Colombia, te voy a visitar. De verdad, estoy llorando ahorita pensando en ti porque te quiero y te extrano mucho. Quiero que no olvides que todos nosotros te queremos mucho con todo el corazon. Te extrano mucho abuela!

Para Abuela Miriam.
De: Nathalia.
Te extrano.

Tower of Terror
By Cole, Grade 2

Hollywood, 1939. A hotel named the Hollywood Tower Hotel. It’s a golden age hotel but it is closed right now because it was hit by lightning. Then everyone died but five guests stepped into the Twilight Zone after the lightning. The Hollywood Hotel is now the Tower of Terror. The service elevator will take you to the 13th floor and drop you down fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, to the ground. The bellhops are evil and dead and say, “going up” in a dead voice and have a weird laugh. They answer calls, “Hollywood Tower Hotel.” Everyone can hear yelling in the hotel day and night because everybody is spooky and evil in the hotel. At eight o’ clock, the lightning starts because of that night and the 13th floor is just a window at the top of the hotel, always….
The Hollywood Tower Hotel is haunted only at night.

By Joseph, Grade 2


By Peter, Grade 2

Waterfalls have fast moving water that falls into a big lake.
Tree frogs leap from tree to tree near waterfalls,
fish swim in the lake beneath the flowing water.
People in canoes float in the lake.

I Am Inside the Video Game
By Andrew, Grade 3

Chapter 1
Stuck in the Video Game

One day, I was playing video games, then I fell into the video game! I don’t know how I got into the video game, but what game was I in? Wait a minute, I was in Pac-Man! When I was Pac-Man, I ate the ghosts. After beating the game, I felt frozen and appeared in Super Maria Bros. In the first level, I had a helicopter mushroom, I was soaring across the sky. Then, I bumped under the blaock and a bean stalk grew tall. When I climbed on it, I found a Star Coin. In the last level, I fought Bowser. This was the final battle…

Chapter 2
Great Gamer!

The final battle began, I wall jumped and threw a fireball on Bowser but he blocked it. When I jumped again, I got a giant mushroom and jumped on Bowser three times and he disappeared. I won the game!

Chapter 3
Minecraft Expert

Then I moved onto another game and this was one of my favorites; Minecraft. I played survival mode! In the day I mined underground to build a home and had game food, at night I went out then five zombies, two skeletons, and ten creepers chased me! Then I ran for my life but then another group of creepers ran to me, I knew I was brave. I pulled out my diamond sword and sliced all the creepers, skeletons, and zombies. In the next day, I built a pirate ship with my golems and my villagers. I uploaded my tnt cannon on the next night, zombies, skeletons, and creepers got on to my ship, my villagers and golems attacked the zombies, skeletons, and creepers. Then I shot an arrow to a skeleton and he disappeared. I saw the zombies, skeletons, and creepers disappeared and my team and I won.

Chapter 4
The End, or I thought…

I moved onto the last game and it was called Fast and Furious 5 and my car is the Dodger 2012! On the race, I crashed another car called Ford Mustang 2012, it flipped and crashed upside down! At the last race, I beat the fastest car! After the game I returned to normal and I have the best game ever!

Part 2 (special edition)
Chapter 5
Real Life

After the game, my friends and I went on an adventure. We went to the woods and investigated in the woods and we found granite near a waterfall! We found a raccoon inside a tree and a great horned owl looking for food. We saw different kinds of animals. After that we went home. We had a great adventure!

Mysteries in Gravity Falls
By Lauren, Grade 3

Gravity Falls is a small town. People say that they see things they don’t understand. Well, it all starts when mom and dad says, “Ryan and Lauren, you need some fresh air.” It is our first time being outside in the sun and away from home. Our mom takes us to Gravity Falls and she drops us off. Right there is the mystery shack where our great-great grandfather lives. His name was Grunkle Stan.
We meet some of the people who work in the mystery shack. Their names are Wendy and Soos. Grunkle Stan asks Ryan to put up the signs. Ryan says that in the woods he feels that he is being watched. But still, he puts up the signs and he is hanging the sign but when puts up the sign it sounds like he is knocking on the tree. He realizes that the tree is made out of metal and there is a door in the tree. He opens the door and he finds controller panels. He pushes a button and it opens the door under the ground. Then he sees the book number two and he runs back to the mystery shack as fast as he can because a dragon is chasing him. It is called the Red Breathing Fire Dragon. He finally gets to the mystery shack and the dragon goes away. Ryan reads the book and the book says that the Red Breathing Fire Dragon’s name was Ferno. I say, “Where were you?”
“Well, I was being chased by a dragon.”
I say to my brother, “There are no such things as dragons.”
“There is,” Ryan says, “I’ll prove it to you.”
“Oh yeah?”
“I will show it. It is in this book. The Breathing Fire Dragon.”

Chapter 2
The Dragon Island

I say to Ryan, “Look, it shows a picture of the Dragon Island.” Ryan says, “Let’s pack some food.” We pack strawberries, chicken, red raspberries, pasta, corn, and one last thing we want to get- parmesan cheese.
I say, “We are ready to go.”
We sail and sail and finally we get to Dragon Island. We get off the boat and when we are walking I see two dragons. One is a Fire Dragon and the other dragon was an Ice Dragon. The Ice Dragon is dark blue. The Fire Dragon is red. The two dragons smell chicken. I give the two dragons the chicken and the two dragons say, “Hop on.”
We go back to the mystery shack and we get to keep the two dragons. When summer ends, we bring them to our house and mom screams really loud and dad says, “cool!”

Summer Fun
By Alondra, Grade 3

One beautiful morning, the sun was hotter than it used to be last summer. All of us know summer is a hot time of year but this one was just plain boring. It was very hot. Everyone sweated and they stayed inside so that their air conditioners would keep them cool.
I was sitting near the window with nothing else to do. Well I was thinking of going to the library to get an adventure book but I couldn’t. My mom said, “Fill up the balloons, ok?” But I didn’t listen to her; I just got a different idea. Since it was summer and hot, we were going to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. My mom said to fill up the balloons, but she didn’t say with air. When my cousin came, he was wearing a bathing suit. My mom said, “We’re not going to use water.” He was sad because he wanted to go to the pool. We ate cake then we went outside and played Frisbee. Then my mom asked, “Where are the balloons?” I got a big refrigerator and got a water balloon and threw it at my cousin! He ran to the refrigerator and grabbed three water balloons and threw one at me, at my mom and at my aunt. We had lots of fun with the water balloons and laughed very hard that our neighbors saw us and started to play with us! It actually turned into a great summer vacation after all.

Super Spec
Deadly Beach

By Elias, Grade 3

Our hero, Atom decided to go to the beach! Although super heroes don’t take breaks, he did. So he packed up and went. Later on, he saw strange ships in the sky and they were UFO’s! Suddenly, there were aliens everywhere! They were thin with beak-like mouths and they were fuzzy. He thought they had come to take money and take it back to their planet. Atom didn’t want to hurt them so he used wind power! Didn’t work. He used water power and it didn’t work. Finally he pulled out a stopwatch, and waved it back and forth to hypnotize the aliens. Suddenly all the aliens came over to see what was happening. He told them to go away and never come back! Believe it or not, they obeyed! So they bid farewell and went back into their ships. Atom decided to go back home and watch T.V. because he didn’t want to get into anymore trouble at the beach.


By Jesse, Grade 5

Long messy hair is found in every corner of the bathroom. I don’t use that bathroom anymore because I even find hair in the bathtub. When I saw the bathroom full of hair I felt like I was scared for life, like my life has been overrun by hair. I didn’t even tell you the worst part. Sometimes, at the most random moments, I find hair in my mouth. While I’m doing homework I feel something in my mouth that feels nothing like my tongue or when I’m eating breakfast sometimes I find hair in my cereal and I lose my appetite before the food enters my mouth.

Pirates of the Caribbean
By Cian, Grade 2
The pirates were under attack by the Kraken. The pirates abandoned the ship but the Kraken had long tentacles and ate humans and broke the ship.