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Dec 29

Book on a Hook

“Addie and Ollie” Now Available as Paperback or eBook

What’s your book hook of choice? Whatever your preferred portal, you can now find Addie and her purple octopus there, ready to soothe your big dreamers to sleep.

Amazon – printed

Barnes & Noble – printed or eBook for Nook (or any other EPUB reader, like iPad)

Lulu – printed or eBook for any EPUB reader

Apple – if you have an iPad, you can simply search within the free iBookstore app.


Nov 29

Meet the Real Addie

My niece Addie, "with blue eyes like the sea, yellow hair like the sun."

A friend who recently purchased the book told me how intrigued her son was that the story was inspired by a real person. In fact, this friend showed a picture of my niece I had posted on Facebook. Since this so interested my friend’s son, I thought other kids and their parents might enjoy the story behind the story, too.

Addie Marie is my first of now three nieces. Two years ago, when Addie was just three, my sister and her family had moved to Hong Kong. Wanting to give Addie something extra special to help soothe her transition to her new surroundings, I wrote her a much longer rhymed story about “Addie and Ellie” as a Christmas present.

For this first Addie story, I tapped my artistic daughter–eight years old at the time–to draw the pictures, right down to the Gymboree polka-dotted nightgown I had picked out for Addie. I even convinced my mom to sew a stuffed elephant toy from a pattern and fabrics I picked to match.

The REAL Addie is everything I say of her character: clever, fun-loving, brave, helpful, considerate. When we’ve Skyped over the past year, she’s enjoyed seeing the development of Bob Ostrom‘s colorful illustrations for Addie and Ollie. While I’m currently working on what I’m calling a Dream-Lib story to post soon, I’m hoping to adapt the original story in the future into one or more books in what I hope can become a series.

This year’s Christmas gift to my sister and nieces includes a printed copy of Addie and Ollie. Like my well-traveled niece, now living in South Korea, it seems that Addie the character has come a long way, too.